A downloadable demo for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This project is a demo of gesture recognition systems and how they could be used in a video game. The currently recognizable symbols are included in the screenshots.

How to use the Demo:

There are three empty containers in the drawer on the left side of the screen, clicking on one will move it to the center of the enchanting table.

Once the container is in the center click the yellow button that says "Charge" to bring up the Scribe Pad.

On the scribe pad hold down the left mouse button to draw one of the recognized shapes. Once the mouse is released, the window will disappear.

If the symbol was recognized it will trigger an animation and change the design of the container. If the gesture was not recognized nothing will have changed and you can click the charge button to try again.

Once a container has a symbol inscribed on it, it is considered filled. Click it to move it back to the drawer. Once a container is filled, it cannot be changed.


Scribe-v0.app.zip 15 MB
Scribe-v0.exe 17 MB
Scribe-v0.x86 30 MB

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